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A one stop shop for all your Irish dancing shoes and accessories. Official Antonio Pacelli Stockist.

Soft shoes, hard shoes, pumps, reel shoes, poodle socks.etc..

Two types of shoes are worn in Irish dancing: hard shoes, called jig or heavy shoes, and soft shoes, which are also called pumps or gellies. The hard shoe is similar to tap shoes, except that the tips and heels are made of fiberglass, instead of metal, and are significantly bulkier. The first hard shoes had wooden or leather taps with metal nails. Later the taps and heels were changed into resin or fiberglass to reduce the weight and to increase the footwork sounds. The soft shoes, which can also be called pumps, resembles a ballet shoe minus the hard toe and the ribbons for laces. Soft shoes are only worn by girls while boys wear a black leather shoe which resembles a black jazz shoe with a hard heel. Boys soft-shoe dancing features audible heel clicks.

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Irish dance shoes and accessories

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